Helping On The Edge Conservation inspire and educate a new generation of environmentalists

On The Edge Conservation

Newsfeed was asked to support On The Edge Conservation with its mission to inspire and educate a new generation of environmentalists, by promoting its state of the art YouTube series ‘Hi, I’m Endangered’. The series features three characters whose species are on the edge of extinction; Lexi the Aye-Aye who is ambitious and optimistic, studious Eric the Pangolin, and adventurous and outgoing Teagan the Kakapo.

We had to find a way to make overlooked and endangered animals loveable and famous, whilst also authentically engaging with 9-12 year olds to encourage them to visit On The Edge’s YouTube page and watch the series.

Our target audience are digital natives, so we developed an influencer programme that would hero different episodes of ‘Hi, I’m Endangered’, in order to reach as many people as possible and showcase the breadth of content available.

We identified influencers in their teens and early 20’s that indexed heavily amongst younger audiences so that we could be sure we were positioning the series in front of the right people. It was also important to work with influencers that had affinity with each of the characters, to raise awareness of the range of EDGE species that need support.

As a result, we partnered with:

  • Gaming influencer Dan D who spoke about Lexi the Aye Aye Animal lover
  • Harlow Luna White who created content related to Teagen the Kakapo
  • Student Ruby Granger who had a strong affinity to fact-finding Eric the Pangolin
  • And teen-activist Nikki Lilly, who created content more broadly to promote On The Edge’s wider environmental mission

We worked with each influencer to identify the channel most suitable for them to create content on, and devised a programme that encompassed in-depth YouTube integrations, Instagram stories with Sticker Links and Instagram grid posts that featured the characters from ‘Hi, I’m Endangered’ as AR influencers.

For each influencer, a unique YouTube playlist was curated containing specially selected episodes of ‘Hi, I’m Endangered’ that were highly relevant to their followers, to encourage them to watch more of the series. This link was shared as a unique trackable link with each influencer’s content in order to monitor incoming traffic.

The campaign was laser-targeted and resonated brilliantly with the influencers audience, resulting in content securing engagement rates between 5% and 15%, well above the 3% KPI set. 

In total the content secured more than 8 million impressions with a reach of 500,000, sending thousands of new mini-activists to the site and to share the YouTube series with their peers. 

As a result, we drove upwards of 3,900 organic views of ‘Hi, I’m Endangered’ on On The Edge’s YouTube page, which was nearly double the campaign target, making this On The Edge’s most successful influencer campaign to date.