PGL TikTok Recruitment


Ahead of the Easter holidays and with school trips back on the horizon, Newsfeed was challenged with helping PGL recruit over 1,000 young adults to work at their adventure holiday centres across the country.

The staff that PGL employs are an important part of the overall experience. Many guests say they make their trip all the more memorable, so it was important we developed a campaign that engaged with the right people that would fit the brand personality, whilst also showing the breadth of jobs available, from Activity Leaders to Retail Assistants.

@team_pgl Forget the desk job…it’s time to start a new adventure! #ApplyNow #linkinbio #workatPGL #TeamPGL #nature #outdoors #adventure #dreamjob #lifeoutside ♬ original sound – Starcode “GUN” 🇵🇭 (Roblox)


We knew that, whilst we could simply pitch to the employment pages of newspapers, this is not the channel where most 18 year olds consume their news today – we needed to reach them through other channels.

So, to announce PGL’s recruitment drive, we launched the brand on TikTok, in order to appeal to young adults and convince them to apply to one of the many vacancies on offer.

We created and published 11 different videos starring current PGL team members, to show; the variety of jobs available, their amazing locations and most importantly, the adventurous and friendly atmosphere that working at PGL provides.

To ensure we created content that would deliver the most impact, we tapped into current platform trends and audios to help inform our concepts. These included, ‘Choose your Character’, which explored gaming themes for consumers to select which PGL team they would like to join based on the current jobs available, ‘Team Relay’, which made use of clever transitions and highlighted the amazing Osmington Bay grounds, as well as ‘It’s Tricky’ which showed the team selecting their favourite PGL activity available whilst dancing to the popular audio.

To further amplify this campaign, we implemented a paid media strategy launching three dark ads designed to drive traffic from TikTok to the careers section of the PGL website. The ads all contained clear CTAs encouraging people to visit the page and apply.

In order to drive reach for the campaign, we partnered with parkour expert and TikTok creator Nicole Anika who explored the beautiful grounds of PGL’s Osmington Bay whilst completing a number of parkour stunts. This content was then shared with her 200K+ followers to encourage them to pursue a career at PGL in the great outdoors. 

Finally, whilst traditional newspapers may not be the first place that young adults consume their news, we knew that their parents would be. So once the TikTok channel had launched, we used the content to accompany a press release to pitch for coverage in the employment pages in national newspapers and regional media, local to the sites in which PGL was recruiting. 

@team_pgl Forget the office 9 to 5! Click the link in our bio to find your #dreamjob. #Linkinbio #workatPGL #TeamPGL #PGL #nature #outdoors #dreamjob #bestjob ♬ original sound – Veronika


The results speak for themselves! The launch of PGL’s TikTok account generated a lot of social engagement and excitement from the offset, gaining over 5K followers in just over a month and 596k organic video views.This directly contributed to over 2,500 referrals to the PGL recruitment web page in the week immediately following launch. 

The community responded very positively to the content created with over 52K organic engagements generated, with many users remarking that PGL looked like a great place to work. As a result, we secured an average organic engagement rate of 12%, a phenomenal result which is well above the current industry benchmark of 5.96%.

The ads were successful in driving traffic to the website and performed well above forecast and across all metrics:

  • The total number of clicks driven was 23,453 vs 1,485 forecasted, due to a cost-efficient CPC of £0.18
  • The total number of paid engagements was 52,856 vs 16,873 forecasted, at an average paid engagement rate of 3%
  • And the ‘Staff Relay’ video was the standout performer across the ad assets tested, driving 63% of overall campaign clicks and 80% of overall paid engagements.

We also secured outstanding editorial coverage for the campaign, placing an in-depth piece in the Sun, the UK’s largest newspaper. This was also shared through the Scottish version of the paper as well as online. 

This was driven directly by keeping journalists  informed of the TikTok campaign as it developed. When the ‘Choose your Character’ asset performed so strongly, we used this to our advantage, positioning PGL’s TikTok content as having gone viral. This enabled us to secure a third of the page in print, communicating all key messages and images of the TikTok content we had created.