Repositioning PGL to welcome families


This summer PGL launched it’s family offering… whilst people knew that PGL is a popular choice for school trips, very few people were aware that they could go there for a family holiday. In fact PGL even had the nickname ‘Parents Get Lost’.

We needed to change perceptions to encourage parents to book their family staycation with PGL this Summer and with rules about green list countries changing almost weekly, staycations were set to be all the rage, so the timing was perfect.

We developed a multi-channel PR campaign to raise awareness of PGL’s family holiday offering, that would excite media and engage with consumers. 

Launching with a creative news moment, we conducted research that revealed how attitudes towards parenting had changed during lockdown, with many mums and dads now wanting to be more heavily involved in their kids’ daily lives. This enabled us to position PGL as a unique holiday experience that encourages family bonding and the ideal choice this Summer.

We partnered with presenter, and dad of two, Jeff Brazier, to elevate the campaign beyond print and online and into broadcast and social channels. Jeff shared how his parenting style had changed over the past year and visited PGL’s Windmill Hill site to experience the joy for himself and create content for his social feeds.

Jeff ran an Instagram Q&A with to engage his followers and communicated key messages about family bonding and boosting confidence amongst kids, showing just how important a PGL family holiday is. 

Once the initial launch moment had completed, we ran an incredibly hard working press office for the next two months to shift perception with the media. Afterall, we couldn’t re-position PGL as the ideal choice for families unless the journalists writing about staycations knew about the offering.

And as many families seek inspiration for holidays through social media, we established an organic influencer programme, hosting a number of parenting influencers at various PGL locations to create content, raise awareness and drive engagement. Each influencer was set up with their own unique swipe up link to drive traffic and encourage bookings.

The results speak for themselves… In three short months we drove record numbers of family bookings (beating expected forecasts) PGL with  more than 600 unique visits to the PGL website from new visitors. 

Jeff’s Instagram Q&A alone drove two fifths of all visits to the website, and his social content as a whole drove more than 1,000 people to check out PGL’s Instagram page too. 

And boy did we shift perceptions, one journalist at The Telegraph said,  ‘I did not know that PGL did family trips – this sounds like just the ticket’. 

We were able to reach more than 82 million people through broadcast, print, online and social channels, securing eight broadcast interviews for Jeff, and 20 pieces of print and online coverage in key titles for our target audience, including The Times, The Independent, The Sun and Hello. Not to mention securing 10 influencer press trips, all of which resulted in fantastic engagement and awareness for PGL.