“TOYO” with Katie Piper


Rallying the nation to take part in TOYO and use Cricut to look after their mental health post lockdown.

Whilst lockdown was a difficult time for many, one thing it did give us was more time at home, which many used to take up new hobbies such as crafting. 

In fact Cricut’s range of smart cutting machines proved a godsend to so many people. They gave people a creative outlet and way to keep their mind occupied, by upcycling their homes and working on fun projects with their families.

And with restrictions beginning to ease, we knew many would be itching to socialise again. But at what cost to their mental health? Would people feel under pressure to accept every invite? And would their newfound skills that gave so much joy during lockdown now just disappear?

So we devised a way to make Cricut and our lockdown hobbies an integral part of the ‘return to life’ conversation. We created a whole new consumer trend – Time On Your Own – or TOYO.

Using consumer research, we created a news story to trigger the conversation, looking at how people intend to look after their mental health in 2021, uncovering that the average person needs at least 30 minutes of TOYO a day to look after their health and wellbeing.

Taking the story even further, we partnered with mental health advocate, and Cricut fanatic, Katie Piper, who championed TOYO across national, broadcast and consumer lifestyle media in the run up to Mental Health Awareness Week.

Not to mention running a fully integrated social and influencer campaign, where we worked with Katie to host an Instagram Q&A to engage with her followers on TOYO and promote Cricut. 

And the results spoke for themselves. 

Not only did we deliver 20+ pieces of coverage for Cricut in the likes of The Times, The Scotsman, Good Housekeeping and a whole host of BBC radio stations, but we delivered direct sales for Cricut. 

Within 24 hours of Katie’s Instagram Q&A we had already driven over £1k in sales for one of Cricut’s flagship products, the Cricut Explore Air 2TM. And with the campaign ongoing, the impact for Cricut is only set to grow. 

So as lockdown continues to lift, don’t forget to practice TOYO yourself. And if you’ve not dabbled in crafting before? Who knows, maybe you should give Cricut a go!